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Energetic Healing

Physical Healing

The majority of diseases and illnesses we experience have a corresponding chakra or energy block somewhere within our body or energy field. For the condition to be fully healed, and to prevent it from reoccurring, it’s necessary to get to the root cause. A skilled energy worker can assess and heal the root cause, as well as achieve the best possible state for your entire energy system.

Do You Suffer From:

  • Acute or chronic illness?
  • Physical pains or injury?
  • Recurring medical condition?
  • Treatment-resistant condition?
  • Lethargy or chronic fatigue?
  • Low or dysfunctional immunity?
  • Hormonal or glandular disfunction?
  • Energetic imbalances/distortion?


Emotional Healing

Emotions are a normal, healthy part of our human experience and are a useful tool for navigating our way through life. Not being able to fully express, feel, release, or work our way through those emotions we deem to be negative, can have far reaching consequences for our future wellbeing. We either become stuck in the emotion, unable to move forward, or we suppress it out of our conscious awareness.

Do You Suffer From:

  • Emotional turmoil?
  • Lasting distress?
  • Self esteem issues?
  • Post-traumatic stress?
  • Psychological suffering?
  • Mental health problems?


Behavioural Healing

Most people have one or two areas in our lives that we would like to improve upon. Bad habits and destructive behaviour patterns can cause suffering and displeasure, both for ourselves, and for those closest to us. Many of us sabotage our own efforts for positive change, or simply find it all too hard – left caught in an endless cycle of frustration, guilt, and at times, even shame.

Do You Suffer From:

  • Fear patterns or phobias?
  • Addiction?
  • Weight issues?
  • Money problems?
  • Bad relationships?
  • Unfulfilling work life?
  • Guilt and blame?
  • Inability to find purpose?


Spiritual Healing

Wherever you may find yourself on your spiritual journey, there has never been a more opportune time for rapid progress, deep healing, major shifts, quantum leaps in consciousness, and connecting with and embodying the multidimensional energies. They are now more accessible than ever via the alignment and activation of the higher spiritual chakras due to a major energetic shift we have recently experienced.

Do You Suffer From:

  • Feeling blocked?
  • Inability to engage purpose?
  • Struggling personal life?
  • Groundlessness in this reality?
  • Unshifting energetic blocks?
  • Lacklustre life?
  • Non-belonging?
  • Homesickness?


chakra energy healing colours

Phil is a powerful, multidimensional energetic healer, and teacher. He specialises in healing, transforming, and painlessly releasing souls from the big traumas. They have often held them back, sometimes for lifetimes.

A big part of Phil’s life purpose is to assist other old souls, lightworkers, and star seeds to heal the multitude of suppressed traumas they can carry with them from the many lives they have lived in this lower-dimensional earth plane. For some, these traumas date all the way back to the time of Atlantis and Lumeria. Although not as common, some star seeds also carry the memory of off-planet traumatic events. Many of us have chosen to be here at this point in time for the sole purpose of healing these old wounds, the shadow side, which hold us back from being who we truly are. It stops us from stepping fully into our life purpose.

With the ability to energetically see, and then journey back in time to the origin of these unresolved traumas, repressed emotions, and energetic blocks, the healing work is performed at the core of any current underlying issue. The resulting transformation is absolute.

There has been a large energetic shift in recent times, with more light flooding the planet. One of the effects of this is old wounds are being illuminated and brought to the surface to be dealt with. It can be a rather unpleasant experience for some, affecting us in a plethora of ways. The good news is that it has also become much easier for healing and transformation to take place.

By healing these old traumas, we become increasingly energetically aligned. Our chakra system becomes increasingly healthy, larger, stronger, and with better flow. It then leads to better flow in our lives, more joy, purpose, a sense of belonging, expanded consciousness, better intuition, and increased self-worth. We attract into our lives more of that which we choose. There will still be the occasional obstacle, but it will become much easier to navigate our way through.

It’s at this stage with those who choose, that we can begin to align and activate the higher spiritual chakras. This takes everything to a whole new level, and may be a necessary step for some to fully realise their soul purpose.

Of course, not everyone will resonate with the term lightworker or star seed.

Having witnessed the transformation of so many, from diverse backgrounds, and with a variety of issues, challenges and obstacles to overcome, it can confidently be said that we can all benefit from this type of healing. We are all spiritual beings in a physical body, here to experience our own unique journey. To learn, to grow spiritually in our own way, to expand our consciousness, and most importantly, live a life that is meaningful, joyful, compassionate and fulfilling.

Are you content with your current status quo? Are you ready to resolve those obstacles, which are holding you back from that life you are meant to be living? Are you ready to take that giant step forward on your spiritual journey?

To assist other old souls, lightworkers, and star seeds to heal the multitude of suppressed traumas they can carry with them from the many lives they have lived in this lower-dimensional earth plane.
Healing, transforming, and painlessly releasing souls from the big traumas, which have held them back, sometimes for lifetimes.
To energetically see, and then journey back in time to the origin of unresolved traumas, repressed emotions, and energetic blocks. Heal the core of current underlying issues, with the resulting transformation being absolute.
You will become increasingly energetically aligned. Your chakra system will become increasingly healthy, larger, stronger, and with better flow, leading to better flow in your life, more joy, purpose, a sense of belonging, expanded consciousness, better intuition, and increased self-worth.

“Phil is a quiet, adventurous, unassuming, and approachable guy with an extraordinary gift”

“Phil creates miraculous shifts that will change your life, and he delivers them in such a calm and gentle way.”

“Phil is quiet, considered, approachable, and genuine. He also happens to be a highly gifted energetic healer.”

How can Phil help?

  • You suffer from a physical condition or illness, which hasn’t responded to either traditional or alternative treatments; or has returned after being previously healed.
  • You are a skilled and successful healer, counsellor, psychic, or life coach, yet your own life isn’t quite as you would like; you are frustrated as you struggle to embody what you teach.
  • You are drawn to be of service to others, either as a healer, life coach, counsellor, or psychic, yet experience blocks and resistance within. It is holding you back from stepping into the role you know you are meant to fill.
  • You have phobias you haven’t been able to heal.
  • You attract the same undesirable situations: bad relationships, unfulfilling work, addictions, weight issues, etc., and are not able to achieve lasting change.
  • Your life is lacking that certain something and you feel there is something missing; past joyful experiences don’t fulfil anymore.
  • You struggle as an ultra sensitive or empathy, and want to use it as the gift it should be, and not suffer as if it were a handicap.
  • You recognise yourself as a spiritual being, life is good, and you feel ready to explore your spirituality more fully.
  • You have done substantial spiritual/psychic development but are now feeling unbalanced, floaty, and disconnected – you have great spiritual connections, but your life now is increasingly not so great.
  • You are advanced energetically/spiritually but have an energetic block that is holding you back, and you/your regular healer can’ shift it.
  • Depression and/or anxiety affects your quality of life, and no matter the approach, nothing seems to help.
  • You have been unable to move on from a traumatic experience, relationship, or are still stuck in a destructive place.
  • Star Seeds and Elestials feeling lost, home sick, and like you don’t belong; struggling to be grounded in this reality. You long for a solid energetic connection that is both familiar and necessary for you to thrive.
Chakra System for energetic healing