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Phil Allen: A Journey in Mastery

Chakra Colours The terms Master and Mastery are often overused so it feels some of their power is lost when using them to describe Phil. If there was a Master of Mastery – it would be him. In Phil’s life, mastery has shown up in everything he has done. Everywhere Phil has turned the direction of his focus throughout his life, there has been a point where the unseen forces of energy and spirit intersect with the physical world. Some of Phil’s many achievements to date are:

  • Completed 21,000+ skydives, achieving countless trophies and awards throughout his skydiving career – becoming Australian champion – many times over, in every skydiving discipline he attempted – often being the youngest to do so. His achievements were so unique he was the subject of a sport psychologist’s research.
  • Built a superbly beautiful, 38ft ocean-going catamaran sailboat from a few hazy blueprints, and a pile of reclaimed planks dumped unceremoniously in his garage; then subsequently sailed it thousands of miles in all possible weather conditions.
  • Created, built-up, and sold, his business, ElectroDoc – an electronics service and repair business, not long out of university – often using his energetic connection to provide a service beyond the norm, and
  • Mastered highest-level, leading edge energetic healing.

What all these have in common is that Phil is able to take the unseen, a concept, or an idea, and make it real, both for himself, and for others.

When Phil’s catamaran was taking shape, I was sitting on the edge of one of the hulls with Phil and another friend who asked, “What condition were the hulls when they arrived?” Phil answered by pointing to a woodpile. With perplexed expressions all around, my friend repeated “No, I mean when they got here” – tapping the hull for emphasis. Phil laughed and pointed again. He explained, “Like those boards. Every single piece of this boat was formed and placed here by hand.” This sparked further questions such as, “How did you figure it all out?!” Phil’s simple and bemused answer was, “Engaged brain.” This is typical of Phil’s simplification of his intelligence, intermingled with creativity, focus, and determination to follow-through.

What is the unique genius that makes Phil the master healer that he is? What about him makes him the one who is able to go deeper and create lasting change in the areas that seem like they have been so deeply a part of your life for so long, that you have always thought it an impossible task to free yourself from them?

Simple – Phil knows how to create profound results in life. He has always been able to reach into the unseen and bring it into reality – at a level that is almost unheard of in our world.

When driving around town, children upon spotting Phil’s ElectroDoc van would sing his slogan, “If he can’t fix it – no-one can!”

Phil’s creative power is to take an inspiration and mould his reality to create whatever he wants – to do the work to realise it, and enjoy it in the here and now. When you first encounter him, you are struck by how unassuming he is, down to earth, non-judgmental, easy to talk to, and intelligently fun he is. Phil is quietly masterful – his energy is not spent on discussing what he is going to do, is doing, or has done – instead he focuses his power on creating powerful change and experiences.

Phil’s first time surfing in “surf camp,” Phil studied the waves, watched the instructor, jumped on the first wave, and rode it to shore. The rest of us also tried, but Phil surfed by us. When asked how, he explained simply by saying, “he claimed it and we hesitated.” Phil doesn’t hesitate. “Hesitation kills,” he taught me at a skydiving event. When he is inspired in a direction, there is no hesitation – only single-minded, intelligent focus – until mastery is achieved.

As a master healer, he does the same. When you connect to Phil there is a depth of mastery and ease he brings to your healing experience.

What brought Phil to this high-level, energetic healing work is what brings most of us to search for help – a time of great despair, one which we feel helpless to change or end.

In Phil’s words, “Having experienced many highs and lows, including the loss of a soul mate and several close friends over a number years, it was a relatively minor event that triggered a huge reaction – one which was to become my own personal wake up call. I fell into a deep despair. Though I continued to work, and did everything I could think of to climb out – I just couldn’t do it. I was told it was depression, and realised that was true, but knowing and naming it did not change it. It grew, and I felt ever more despair and desperation as to whether I would ever find a way out. All the standard avenues only took me so far. My own personal anti-depressant of daily exercise, sun and surf, or trying to pour myself into a project, didn’t work. I knew deep inside that there was a lot more going on than what was presenting as depression. The whole situation was so illogical, and I was determined to get to the bottom of it.

My search for answers had begun. I was attracted to, and became qualified in, several alternative energy healing modalities. However, although these did help, they never really reached the core of my situation. They were akin to covering a wound with a bandage; it felt better but the wound was still there. As I continued to work with different teachers and mentors, I began to just know things. It was through trusting this knowing that my own innate abilities, metaphysical know-how, and connections with other realms and spirit guides began to reveal themselves. I was finally able to get to the core of what was causing the depression and holding me back from the life I once enjoyed.

Coming out the other side, it was clear I had been shown this energetic healing – a misunderstood message, which had been calling me throughout my life – my guidance becoming continually stronger with each passing year – because I wasn’t on the right path. The depression was the last vestige of the message – a final push in my understanding that I wasn’t on the right path, and revealing to me what I was meant to be doing here on earth. I knew then, and have since had it repeatedly shown to me, that I was meant to help others to traverse their own profound healing journey and energetic self-realisation.”

At six years of age, Phil was already tuned into spirit, knowing when to come in for dinner when his mother would hang a white sheet across the porch. But Phil wasn’t out the back puttering in the dirt, he was out in the bay, sailing alone; tuned into the unseen forces of wind, and water – turning it into the experience he wanted.

Later in life this ability continued. When Phil’s brother asked him to help sail a newly purchased sailboat from Perth to Melbourne – Phil called and said, “I have to go – I think if I don’t, they may not come back.” Phil insisted on having extra safety gear set up and ready to be used. Deep in the night, hundreds of miles from shore, the boat was struck by a shipping container and then was rolled by a large wave. Instead of panicking, everyone did as they were taught, and eventually they were plucked from their life raft and rescued – everyone unharmed.

As with all things in life Phil has tackled, he wanted to master the highest levels of energetic healing – achieve a deep understanding of all its nuances – those elements, which differentiate the good, and the extraordinary, from the master. He has enthusiastically undergone all the necessary, and very practical, steps to achieve energetic up-levelling and advanced self-clearing and healing.

His innate determination and talent of creating mastery in everything he does has quickly enabled him to achieve a level of healing mastery not possible for others – if looking at “the wood pile”. Now he is able to handle anything anyone may bring him – an unassuming, fun, easy to talk to, down-to-earth man who possesses a powerful and profound healing ability.

Phil uses energy to heal our physical life forms – the physical pains and trauma. The mental and behavioural – the meanings and beliefs we have accepted as truth in our bodies. He clears the path that has blocked us from walking freely with spirit. After his healing – what shows up in our lives looks like happiness, ease, contentment, joy, inspiration, creativity, enthusiasm, and love, flowing to and through us.

His healing also encompasses getting our lives moving towards doing those things we are wanting, and meant, to be doing and achieving here. This is not a feel good for a while experience, or an intellectual curiosity. It has profound knock-on effects on every aspect of our lives.

Phil excels helping those whom other healers have given up on, consider too difficult, or too advanced, along with finding the last vestige, and smallest nuance for effective healing. He is so attuned to the subtleties that he discovers all energetic connections that can be fully enhanced. It is this edge that takes his work light years ahead of others.

Phil is the quintessential master healer’s healer – a master of leading edge healing – the rarest of healers, able to help advanced healers with skills beyond their own.

Phil has a connection to the unseen, a mastery of harnessing it, and bringing it into reality – “If he can’t fix it – no one can.” True in everything he does.

Note about the author: Dawn Menard, five-times women’s skydiving world record holder, first met Phil at a skydiving event in Indonesia. He was at the door of the aeroplane – getting ready to jump out to compete in an accuracy competition with people from all around the world. Although she knew better than to disturb someone in competition mode, there was something extraordinary about Phil that drew her to him. She got up and went to the door to speak to him. With a smile, wave, and flash of his bare feet, Phil was gone. Later on the ground she had a chance to meet him properly. This was the beginning of their extraordinary, 20 plus-year connection and friendship. To find out more about Dawn visit http://www.jumpbreakthrough.com/.


Working with Phil has released me of countless burdens. I now have the inner freedom and clarity to have whatever life I wish. I am lighter, happier, and wiser, and I could never be more grateful.
Toni, QLD
Phil is not what you might expect. He’s not your average esoteric practitioner. He is quiet, considered, approachable, and genuine. He also happens to be a highly gifted healer with links to the world of spirit that are difficult to describe, but nonetheless real and divinely inspired.
Kylie, QLD
Working with Phil was worth its weight in gold as I didn’t want to have to take antidepressants, anti-anxiety, or anything that was going to mask the symptoms I was experiencing. It was worth so much to me, and my core values, to be able to do something that got results, and didn’t involve taking medication.
Cecilia, QLD
I would highly recommend Phil to anyone feeling blocked in any area of their life. Mentally, physically and spiritually.
Lauren, QLD
I have found Phil to be very genuine, ethical, and humble in all my dealings with him. He is also generous with his time and knowledge. He only provides what is needed and there’s no suggestion of endless ongoing work or cost.
Rhonda, QLD
I don’t presume to say I understand exactly what is happening to me in my sessions with Phil, but I do know that they have enabled me to find more peace, comfort, and quality of life.
Drean, QLD
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