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To put it simply, the sessions I have had with Phil have totally and completely changed my life.

Before working with Phil, I secretly carried so many burdens within me – too ashamed to seek help, too afraid of being seen as crazy. Without doubt these hidden parts of me would have become too unbearable to continue to carry, and my life would have degenerated.

I have seen Phil for so many things! Such as, being unable to sleep with my back to the door, an irrational fear of total strangers, depression, and anxiety. I have shared the darkest parts of myself, which I wouldn’t even breathe a word about to another person, and Phil ALWAYS took me seriously, in his stride, and without judgement.

I could walk in knowing exactly what the problem was, or have absolutely no idea what was going on, except that something within me just wasn’t feeling right. In all cases, he would go straight in there and heal it. It is a relief to be able to take the parts of yourself that disturb even you, be able to ask for help, and actually be helped. Phil has a rare and beautiful gift.

Working with Phil has released me of countless burdens. I now have the inner freedom and clarity to have whatever life I wish. I am lighter, happier, and wiser, and I could never be more grateful.

I consider myself blessed to have had fate on my side in bringing me to Phil and his amazing healing abilities. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you, Phil.

I recently turned to Phil for help at a time when I was completely burnt out from my corporate career. Although I thought I knew all the solutions – having worked with healing and remote energy myself in the past, and living a healthy lifestyle (apart from the excessive stress and long hours) – nothing seemed to be working. I was physically sick, emotionally and mentally exhausted, and I was at a loss as to how to turn things around.

I booked a remote healing session with Phil as I couldn’t get to see him in person. He spent about 45 minutes with me (although I’m sure he was doing some additional work beforehand). We spoke briefly on the phone, and then I relaxed while he proceeded with the session.

Phil’s sessions are exceedingly gentle for the client, but deliver powerful results. By the end of the first session I could feel physical shifts within my body. I was tired and slept soundly for a long time that night. In the following days my physical health started to improve and I felt that I could continue to improve on my own. I had one follow up session, which was all I needed to set me on my way.

I’m not suggesting this was an instant miracle cure for eight years of burnout, but it was an almost instant removal of some energetic blockages that were preventing my usual healing processes from taking place.

I have found Phil to be very genuine, ethical, and humble in all my dealings with him. He is also generous with his time and knowledge. He only provides what is needed and there’s no suggestion of endless ongoing work or cost.

If you’re feeling drawn to Phil’s work, then I encourage you to go ahead, and trust that you will be in excellent hands.

Rhonda, QLD, Australia
Several years ago I developed a chronic illness accompanied by constant debilitating pain. Having been through the gambit of conventional medical treatments, I found a treatment regime which was the best possible outcome I could expect to achieve. The amount of medication I needed to consume was leaving me listless, suffering from extreme fatigue, and fluctuating levels of pain – from a mere discomfort to being bed-ridden.

Going from being highly functioning to predominantly housebound, my emotional state was, to say the least, fragile. While I had come a long way through my grieving for the life I once had, I realised the path to full acceptance was still somewhat out of my reach.

At the recommendation of a friend, I started seeing Phil. Being a scientific kind of girl, I was completely new and unfamiliar with the type of work Phil does, but was open to try something new.

Initially, for me, it was about relaxation and pain relief… an accompaniment to my recent discovery of the benefits of mediation and mindfulness for pain management. After the first session with Phil, I experienced a state of calm and relaxation I had not felt in years. My body was more flexible, mobile, and for a time, pain free. With each following session, the amount of time spent pain free continued to increase and my condition continued to improve.

I don’t presume to say I understand exactly what is happening to me in my sessions with Phil, but I do know that they have enabled me to find more peace, comfort, and quality of life. I have also been able to discontinue several of my medications without any adverse effects. On the contrary, I no longer suffer from the side effects of those medications. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about what Phil has done for me.

Phil is warm, unassuming, and authentic in both who he is and what he does. If you are hesitant, don’t be. Contact Phil, you will not be disappointed.

I went to see Phil when my natural shamanic healing and psychic abilities began to shut down. I had participated in particular attunements that didn’t match my vibration.

Phil was able to see and remove what was blocking me, and before I even got off his table I could feel all my abilities flowing back in. I haven’t looked back since!

I would highly recommend Phil to anyone feeling blocked in any area of their life. Mentally, physically and spiritually.

Phil changed my life with his long-distance energetic healing. It was so great to do it that way, and I would not have had it any other way. I loved that I could be in total privacy and comfort, tuck into bed afterwards, or just sit and relax.

I turned to Phil as I knew I needed something drastic, and strong, to help me past some debilitating loss, grief and anger.

Before experiencing Phil’s long-distance energetic healing, I was doing what everyone does when they start. I tracked down a practitioner, commuted to their centre, sat, and waited… and after trying to relax fully, I’d get the treatment. Afterwards, I’d hop up so they could take their next appointment, and then drive home. The experience was hardly conducive to deep relaxing!

In contrast, doing this remotely with Phil, I was able to be in the environment of my choice – it was ideal! First, we had a quick face-to-face via Skype. I then got off the computer while Phil worked his magic. I could feel it all very deeply as I felt totally safe, at ease, and could fully relax being in my own home. Afterwards we had a quick check-in, and I didn’t have to go anywhere. I could just bask in the change and let myself rest. I loved that! I definitely recommend Phil’s long-distance healing as the best possible way to get a deep and fast result.

Oh, and in case you wonder if you are too far away for this to work, don’t. During the whole program, Phil and I were a couple of oceans and hemispheres apart (from east coast Australia to west coast North America), and it worked great. For Phil’s long-distance healing, the distance doesn’t matter at all. He’s that good.

Really though, even if you are in the same town, I would recommend you try Phil’s healing this way, where you can be in your own private home space for the entire session and really allow yourself to fully relax and get the deepest results.

With deepest gratitude for healing my life, Phil.

I began to see Phil on the recommendation of a friend. I was depressed and not a day would go by without crying. I had had a stroke whilst pregnant and lost my baby. It wasn’t possible for me to even talk about what had happened.

With each session I felt shifts. My choked-up throat would free up, I would be able to talk about it and let stuff out. I was finally able to release and felt so much better/lighter after each session. Before working with Phil, just seeing my reflection, or having someone offer me a seat due to my stroke induced physical disabilities would cause me to burst into tears.

I’m now able to face and accept the outcome of being disabled, and process things in a positive and constructive way.

I have now given birth to a beautiful, healthy boy, and although on occasions I feel down due to not being able to participate in the activities I once enjoyed, I do feel the joy in life once again.

Working with Phil was worth its weight in gold as I didn’t want to have to take antidepressants, anti-anxiety, or anything that was going to mask the symptoms I was experiencing. It was worth so much to me, and my core values, to be able to do something that got results, and didn’t involve taking medication.

Cecilia, QLD, Australia
Phil creates miraculous shifts that will change your life, and he delivers them in such a calm and gentle way. When I realised my past-life experiences were holding me back, I went to Phil for help. Before the end of the first session, my perspectives had shifted and a whole new world had opened up to me. I am so grateful for his guidance, and the ongoing support he has provided. If you are stuck and feel like your energetics are out-of-order, then I recommend Phil to help you get back on track.
Lucretia, QLD, Australia
I wasn’t new to energy healing when I went to see Phil. I was at a stage in my spiritual evolution where I felt like I was ready to take a huge leap forward, but I was in the dark about what to do next. What I did know was that it wasn’t something I could achieve by myself, and I needed to seek someone out who would understand the nature of my journey. A friend referred me to Phil and I haven’t looked back.

Phil is not what you might expect. He’s not your average esoteric practitioner. He is quiet, considered, approachable, and genuine. He also happens to be a highly gifted healer with links to the world of spirit that are difficult to describe, but nonetheless real and divinely inspired.

I knew after working with Phil, I would never be the same. He helped clear blocks to my progress and re-align my energy. Since then I have felt more in flow than ever before. I have a clearer sense of purpose and my passion for life has been reignited. He has also inspired a sense of confidence in me, that on a personal level, I am profoundly grateful for.

I have, and happily continue to, recommend Phil’s healing services, and encourage anyone who wants to take the next step in their journey, be it on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level, to do the same.

Of course, I am always thrilled to receive feedback on how healing sessions have affected the lives of those I work with. To leave feedback, simply contact me to submit a testimonial.

For those with whom I have not yet worked who desire further information, and to discuss your unique situation, simply contact me to request a free, initial consultation.