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Emotional Healing 2016-12-03T23:26:41+10:00

Emotional Healing

Emotions are a normal, healthy part of our human experience and are a useful tool for navigating our way through life. Not being able to fully express, feel, release, or work our way through those emotions we deem to be negative, can have far reaching consequences for our future wellbeing. We either become stuck in the emotion, unable to move forward, or we suppress it out of our conscious awareness.

Emotional Healing Balance

Suppressed Emotions

Suppressed emotions stay with us, sometimes over lifetimes. They can block our chakras, our healthy energetic flow. Over time they can affect us in various ways, ranging from actual physical illness, to experiencing extreme emotional outbursts – even from the smallest of triggers. Conversely, we can shut down emotionally; resulting in a life experienced as bland and unfulfilling. These resulting behavioural changes can also affect our relationships with friends and loved ones. Expressing our true self can become near impossible when experiencing suppressed emotions, and our overall sense of wellbeing and contentment becomes illusive.
The following are some of the possible emotional challenges you may be experiencing:

  • Following a traumatic event, you feel stuck, unable to move forward through the grieving process, or desire assistance to experience this process more rapidly. Many find great benefit in working in conjunction with both an energy healer and a professional counsellor for emotional healing.
  • A life event has triggered a disproportionate emotional response – a sure sign of a larger underlying issue, which can easily be resolved by journeying to the source of the issue.
  • Life is only OK. You are experiencing a lack of uplifting, positive, feel-good emotions.
  • Emotional turmoil is the norm for you; despite all previous attempts to transform your emotional experience.

If you are ready to change your emotional status quo to one of predominantly joyful emotions, I would be delighted to work with you. For further information on emotional healing, and to discuss your unique situation, simply contact me to request a free, initial consultation.

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