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Physical Healing 2016-12-03T23:26:41+10:00

Physical Healing

Physical Healing

Disease and Illness

The majority of diseases and illnesses that we experience have a corresponding chakra or energy block somewhere within our body or energy field. For the condition to be fully healed, and to prevent it from reoccurring, it’s necessary to get to the root cause.

The advantage of energy medicine is that it isn’t necessary for the client to have to experience or relive the traumas or experiences, which are at the root of the condition. Nor is it necessary to have to experience any of the corresponding suppressed emotions. In fact, to do so can be unhelpful, and even hinder recovery.

In many cases it is possible for illnesses to be fully healed with energy medicine alone, however, I don’t believe this to be the best approach. Once a condition has manifested as a physical illness or disease, then it is time to avail yourself of multiple healing strategies for optimal physical healing:

  • A medical specialist who can provide an accurate diagnosis and recommend a suitable treatment plan.
  • A naturopath who can provide further diagnostics and assistance through supporting your body with the correct nutrition and appropriate supplements. Some specialise in specific conditions, so it may be prudent to do your research for the best possible naturopath for you.
  • A skilled energy worker who can assess and heal the root cause, as well as achieve the best possible state for your entire energy system. This will give your body the best chance of healing itself. Additionally, this will increase the effectiveness of any medically prescribed treatments. You may also be drawn to acupuncture as well as other alternative therapies.

Traditional, western medicine and alternative medicine, and their respective advocates, don’t as a general rule get along, which is unfortunate. For some conditions to be healed, and to prevent recurrence, it can be a necessity to treat with traditional, western medicine, which focus on the symptoms, as well as alternative medicine, which focus on the root cause. Once you are armed with as much knowledge as possible, then YOU can decide how you would like to proceed. Do you have some time before the recommended begin of any invasive or strong, drug-based treatments? Listen to your intuition for what the best approach for you will be to achieve physical healing.

You may have heard it stated that everything happens for a reason, illnesses are preordained to give you a specific experience; disease is a gateway to rapid spiritual growth, etc. It’s a very extensive subject that would take an entire book to fully explore, and I question whether anyone has all the answers. My view is that there is, at times, truth to some of these statements. Just as there is, at times, none. We live in a world of free will and sometimes things just happen, without any grander spiritual plan. Essentially, if you are truly ready to heal, then anything is possible. You simply have to start on your chosen strategies for wellness to be achieved.

Physical Pain/Injury

Physical pains and injuries can have their roots in past life events and traumas if they linger and don’t respond to conventional treatments. This type of condition quite often doesn’t have a corresponding energy block or obvious trauma that is detectable in a person’s energy field or body.

In these cases, it is necessary to connect with the injury or soreness to be able to journey to the root cause and transform it. These types of conditions are normally very easy to work with and relief is felt almost instantly.

For further information on physical healing, and to discuss your unique situation, simply contact me to request a free, initial consultation.

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Disclaimer: An energy healer’s role is to diagnose and treat underlying energetic trauma. The healing services and information offered on this website are not intended as a substitute for professional medical and/or psychiatric treatment and advice. Phil Allen is not a licensed medical doctor who diagnoses conditions and/or prescribes any medications. You are responsible for your own medical treatment and care. Always consult your doctor, and in all cases, it is recommended that you continue to follow medical treatment as prescribed by your healthcare professional.