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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

In recent times we have experienced a major energetic shift – perhaps you have felt it too. Subsequently, wherever you may find yourself on your spiritual journey, there has never been a more opportune time for rapid progress, deep healing, major shifts, quantum leaps in consciousness, and connecting with and embodying the multidimensional energies, which are now more accessible than ever via the alignment and activation of the higher spiritual chakras.

If you suffer from or have ever felt any of the following, spiritual healing can assist you to reach your goals.

  • You’re ready to take a giant leap forward spiritually.
  • You feel blocked in your ability to step into your life purpose.
  • You’re a skilled healer, psychic, therapist, life coach, or of service to others, but you struggle with your personal life.
  • Your sense of being grounded and fully present in this reality is an ongoing issue.
  • You have known energetic blocks, which won’t shift, or return after being healed.
  • Your life is lacklustre, and you feel as though something is missing.
  • You feel like you don’t belong here.
  • You’re homesick and wish to return home.

I specialise in, and am most rewarded by, my ability to perform the deep healing and energetic alignments required before these higher chakras can be safely brought online. Once achieved, this process leaves one firmly grounded in this reality, whilst experiencing a joy and bliss that most are lost for words when trying to describe.

If you have struggled with not wanting to be here, feel like you don’t belong, are not sure of your life purpose and/or haven’t been able to step into it, or, life is simply lacklustre – lacking joy and flow, then activating the higher spiritual chakras will be a game changer. The spiritual journey will change from one of healing to a journey of discovery and remembering who you really are – a powerful spiritual being in a human body.

As you embody ever-higher light frequencies, and merge with your soul essence, a truly profound shift occurs:

  • Increased intuition
  • Revealed advanced spiritual gifts
  • Clearer soul or life purpose
  • Common place synchronicities
  • Increased compassion
  • Easier navigation of life’s challenges
  • Increased or reignited joy and enthusiasm for life

The lower chakras (1 to 7) deal with our relationship with earth and our humanness, whilst the higher levels (8 to 12, and possibly higher), as well as the thymus or higher heart chakra, are to do with our relationship with the universe, other realities, dimensions, and with our own spiritual essence. Some people will bypass some of these higher chakras, depending on their own unique soul path, soul origin, or energetic blueprint.

It is considered a requirement to have all of the lower chakras (1 to 7) healthy and with an excellent inter-energetic flow before attempting to activate the higher chakras. Not doing so will result in any unresolved issues being highlighted and subsequently needing to be healed. Additionally, it is then quite possible that the experience would not be a pleasant one, if attempted prematurely.

When commencing connection and activation of any of the higher spiritual chakras (including the thymus chakra, and for some, also the crown chakra) any unresolved issues will be triggered. These could include past life traumas, karmic patterns of behaviour built-up often over many lifetimes, or even suppressed emotions. These unresolved issues will affect the lower chakras, and will result in further healing being required.

Even for those who have spent time pursuing spiritual/psychic development, or who are naturally gifted in these areas, it’s relatively common for their energy to become unbalanced. Despite developing, or having naturally good spiritual connections, and being excellent healers, psychics, metaphysical workers, etc., they are caught, unable to reconcile and heal their own unfulfilling personal life without assistance.


“Those who are here with the conscious or innate
purpose to raise the consciousness of others, themselves,
or the planet. To be of service in some way.”

In this lifetime, many lightworkers have taken on a dual role. Consisting of healing/working on lifetimes of their own issues/traumas, as well as their soul agreement to assist others. It’s common for many lightworkers to have had difficult lives, or at least, stages of their lives have been challenging. Their own healing journey and search for answers is often the catalyst for their awakening and stepping into their life purpose.

The compassionate and loving nature of these souls can lead to a considerable imbalance in their energy if they are driven to be of service whilst either ignoring their own healing needs, only partially self-heal, or are not able to self-heal their bigger issues. While they may excel in the role of their soul purpose, they often struggle in their personal lives.

Conversely, they may be so greatly affected, stuck, or engrossed in the number of their issues to be healed, that their life purpose, or spiritual side, is non-existent.

Some of these people exist almost exclusively in either the physical world, the spiritual world, or are constantly flipping between the two – energetically unbalanced, which often manifests as a very unbalanced existence.

We can merge the two and exist in both worlds simultaneously. In fact, that is exactly how it is supposed to be!

Lightworkers are here to perform an important role, but are no more special than anyone else. Everyone has the same latent potential to evolve energetically/spiritually, if they so desire.

We are all on our own unique personal journey – it isn’t a competition or race to the finish line. However, if you have felt the universe giving you a nudge, are sick of and frustrated with your lack of progress, or you’re just ready to take a giant leap forward spiritually, then I would love to work with you.

For further information on spiritual healing, and to discuss your unique situation, simply contact me to request a free, initial consultation.


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