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Intuitive Energy Training

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From teaching at a foundation level, to sharing advanced techniques, we work together at a level defined by your current knowledge and skill set to up-skill your natural or learned healing abilities to a new level.

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Some of the skills, techniques, and knowledge that is shared during this very hands-on and interactive learning experience:

  • Chakra Basics
  • Ascertain the condition of another’s energy/chakra system
  • Appraise your own energy/chakra system
  • Identify energetic blocks in yourself and others easily
  • Work just as easily from a distance
  • Access and step into your own powerful healing space
  • How to clear yourself, others, and spaces of unwanted energies
  • Techniques to powerfully and efficiently resolve energetic blocks to transform current real life issues for yourself and others
  • Access the origin, or energetic core, of any underlying issue, block, or physical condition
  • Locate and resolve past life traumas in yourself and others
  • Work with your own higher self and that of others
  • Locate and transform suppressed emotions
  • Release yourself and others from outdated oaths, vows, or commitments, which have been made either consciously or unconsciously
  • How to increase the energetic flow and fine tune the chakra alignments to allow embodiment of higher multidimensional energies


How we work together during these intuitive energy training sessions can be customised to suit either a group or an individual. Session format may include:

  • Multi-day intensive course, or
  • One or two days a week spread over a defined period of time.

To more easily facilitate group intuitive training sessions, the option is available for me to travel to a location defined by you.

Contact me for further information on intuitive energy training sessions or to receive a quote tailored to your specific individual or group needs..


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