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Star Seeds and Elestials

As a galactic shaman, one of my specialities, and passions, is working with Star Seeds, and those whose origin is best described as Elestial.

Sadly, many struggle with life here – feel overwhelmingly homesick, lost, and confused about their life’s purpose. Others step into their life’s purpose, but can’t wait to be done so they can move on to less dense environments. Some can carry with them countless suppressed traumas from their many lives that have been spent here. These traumas can impede them thriving and/or living their life’s purpose.

Star Seeds and Elestials

Some Star Seeds haven’t spent a great deal of time here, and they carry themselves with a strong presence. Their flowing energy and large, strong auric fields are noticeable to those with whom they come in contact – although most only know that they feel good to be in the company of these individuals, without understanding why this is so.

For those who have been here, possibly from the beginning, they too can return to their natural state of being. It can require extensive inner work, and the transformation of many traumas – some of which can lead all the way back to Atlantis and Lemuria. Although not as common, some Star Seeds still carry off-planet traumas, which block their higher spiritual connections.

If any of the situations listed below resonate with you, know that change is possible. You can be fully grounded in this reality, whilst having a strong, permanent, energetic connection to your origin. Your life can be full of extraordinary experiences.

  • You’re overwhelmingly homesick, struggling to function, and just want to go home.
  • You’re at a loss as to what you’re meant to be doing here.
  • You’re accomplishing your reason for being here, though your own life is lacking flow and joy.
  • Your emphatic nature leaves you deeply affected by violence, and the suffering of others.
  • You lack a sense of belonging, resulting in a deep loneliness.
  • Your life is reasonably good, but you feel something is missing.
  • You would love to establish an energetic connection with those energies familiar to you.
  • You’re ready to progress energetically/spiritually, but don’t know where to start.

For the healing/transformation process to be successful, without exacerbating any existing symptoms, a logical order must be followed:

  1. Resolve blocks preventing a strong, energetic connection with the planet.
  2. Work up the chakra system to heal blocks/traumas, bringing all of the chakras into a healthy state of being.
  3. Establish a strong, consistent flow between all of the chakras, the planet, and the energy coming down through the crown chakra.
  4. Establish the higher spiritual chakras and connections with those familiar energies.

An integration period between the above steps is often required to allow the body time to assimilate changes.

Depending on where you are at from, an energetic viewpoint will determine the amount of work, and time, required to reach your goals. This healing journey will become a journey of discovery, joy and flow.

For further information, and to discuss your unique situation, simply contact me to request a free, initial consultation.


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